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CAMPskateIA Goes Virtual

CAMPskateIA will not happen in person during the summer of 2020 due to Covid (and mostly because instructors who would teach cannot travel internationally and nationally), but they are going to have camp in a new and exciting way. Many portions of the camp will be recorded. They will offer virtual classes, rotating activities and trining sessions to replace the planned 2020in-person camp on Friday/Saturday/Sunday August 14/15/16.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Joey Mantia 2 time Olympic Long Track Speedskater & 28 Time Inline World Champion. Review his double push video here.

  • Eddy Matzger World class athlete and international coaching sensation Eddy Matzger (More than 100 race wins-8 time winner Athens to Atlanta -87 miles)

  • Stephen Charrier (Keynote for Instructor Day) Vice President Rollerblade- Director Global Sales and Marketing

  • Sebastien Laffargue co-owner of FR & SEBA skates

  • Jacques Thibault 2 time Olympic Long Track Speedskater, Own the Podium co-founder & Special Olympics Canada trainer for coaches and athletes

For more information visit:

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