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Inline Figure Skate Gear

Although there is no "best" brand among the available inline figure skate brands, there are some popular brands that have features designed for inline figure skating jumps and spins. Like most good ice figure skates, inline figure skates can be purchased as a complete package, but in many cases they are custom assembled using your choice of frame, boot, wheels and accessories. 


Inline figure skaters of all levels develop their own personal preferences for certain boots and manufacturers over their years of training. Often the first pair of figure boots are stock, but many move up to advanced models and even custom boot/frame mixes. Your trainer will be the one to help with these decisions.



Many roller sports based inline figure skating find that Snow White® Inline Figure Skates are the most accepted brand with three wheels, a toe stop, and a rockered design that make the skate lighter than The PIC® Skate which is the most popular inline figure skate among ice skating enthusiasts.


Before you buy inline figure skate wheels, you need some basic information, since wheels are an important part of your figure skate setup. Wheels have different combined properties for skaters of different sizes, various skill levels, in different disciplines and on a range of surfaces or conditions. 


Tip: Use this knowledge of specific use and conditions when you purchase new skates or replace wheels on your existing inline figure skates skates. Most online and brick and mortar shops will provide recommendations on how each wheel they carry is best used.


Inline figure skating is an activity which is practiced in a variety of environments and skating surface. These conditions make it challenging for both newcomers and experienced skaters to adapt accessories needs. Even with perfect skates, your accessories are final touches for skating success. They may include items which solve minor skating comfort issues. And may be classified into protective, training and beauty items. 

Bags, tools, maintainance accessories, footwear, footwear enhancements, water bottles, protective gear, bearings,  training supplies, parts, practice wear, competition wear and more will be on the accessories list for most serious inline figure skaters.

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