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Training Information


If you want to become a skating athlete in any discipline, you'll need a rink or other training space, a coach, a sports nutrition plan and a daily training schedule. This section includes some suggestions to help get you started with training. 

Find a Coach and Training Location First

Our information will be helpful, but you really should find a good coach and a place to train for this roller sport... and it does not need to be a rink. Many skater train in indoor and outdoor recreation centers, gymnasiums, tennis courts and even smooth paved lots. Inline figure skates have a variety of wheels that allow training or practice on a variety of surfaces. Many times your coach and locations come hand-in-hand. And remember that all training does not happen on skates. Ballet, gymnastics, pilates and other off-skates conditioning and training are also important.

Schedule Your Training

Work with your coach and trainers to make a consistent training schedule that works with your school/work hours and is appropriate for your skating goals.

Have a Balanced Nutrition Plan

All athletic activities require a well balanced nutrition plan, no matter how young or old the skater may be.​ Your coach can help you with sports nutrition.

Set Reasonable Goals

Goal setting is one of the many things your coach will help you with. Whether you plan on competition, testing, shows and exhibitions or just fun, setting reasonable goals that are in line with your commitment level and available time are important.

If all or most of these things are in place, explore the training pages to help get to your goals.

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