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Fitness Videos for Figure Skaters


Inline figure skating athletes must develop a number of muscle groups, including those in the legs, hips, core, arms and shoulders. Strength and flexibility training is required for any skater in inline, ice or quad skating sports to develop enough strength to execute jumps, spins and footwork. MyInlineSkating will continue to build this video workout library to help you in your training efforts.

Figure Skating Workout - 24 Hour Fitness

Inline figure skaters need exceptional strength and stability to spin, jump high and hold jump landings. 

Figure Skating Spin Anatomy

There are three major flexibility requirements for a sit spin. 

Figure Skater Bootcamp

These are good exercises to try for figure skating. 

Increasing Jump Power

This workout is designed by strength and conditioning coach Matthew Blair Davis, to increase jump power.

Off-Ice Skater Core Training

USA figure skater Lynette Carroll trains the core with Matthew Blair Davis in Fairfax, VA.

Sk8Strong Off-Ice Training

An introduction to the Sk8Strong off-ice training programs.

Toning Exercises

Pilates Exercises for Ice Skaters

Kristi Yamaguchi and Pilates

Pilates workout with Kristi

Ballet - Simple Exercises at Home 

A little  ballet. Very important for figure skaters.

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