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Organized Inline Skating

Organized inline skating includes many disciplines and can refer to  variety of activities on Inline skates. The focus of this site is inline figure skating (sometimes called off-ice figure skating), but we do recognize the other inline skating disciplines – since skaters often cross over between the inline sports. 


Speed Skating

Speed skating is also known as inline racing. It is usually on flat indoor or outdoor surfaces, such as roller-rinks or tracks. The object is to beat the opponent's  best time score or get to the finish line first.

Aggressive Inline

In addition to speed and figure inline skating some skaters prefer the aggressive roller sports that include a variety of grinds, airs, cess slides, toe/heel rolls and other advanced skating stunts.

Freestyle Skating

Freestyle skating is a form of inline skating performed on flat ground with maneuvers often executed around carefully spaced cones. Currently the IFSA has defined three disciplines which must be offered by any competition they sanction: freestyle slalom, speed slalom, and free jump. Two additional disciplines, high jump and jam, are also defined, but are currently optional.


Very similar to ice hockey but performed in a special rink on inline skates.

Off-Road Skating

Many skaters choose to inline skate in unusual places with off-road skating and all-terrain roller sports.

Roller Soccer

Five member teams play a version of football on skates in an indoor sports facility or outdoor playing space.

Vert Skating

Vert skating (or vertical skating) is riding inline skates or roller skates on a vert ramp, a half-pipe with some vertical ascent. Vert skating is a form of acrobatics performed with skates. The sport was included in the first X Games in 1995 and is used in a lot of competitions like X GamesVert ramps are also present in most skateparks of today.




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