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inline Figure Skaters Need Off Skates Fitness Training

Skaters that want to perform will need to do off skates fitness training. Any activity that improves core body strength, flexibility, or stamina will improve your skating performance. Aerobics. palliates, yoga, gymnastics, and dance are good choices for skaters looking for extra training.

Off-Skate Warmup - preventing injury, improving performance

A proper warmup before skating will help you get the most out of your floor time and also help prevent injury. Skating a program or practicing intermediate or advanced moves without a proper warm up can lead to injury.


Off-Skate Jumping

Off skate jumping is a common practice. You should work with your coach before attempting this on your own. Doing off skate jumps without proper training can lead to bad habits and even injury. Talk to your coach about off skate training. Some rinks offer group and individual training sessions.

Strength Building

Inline figure skating requires strength in every part of the body. Strong legs for jumping and landing, Strong arms for balance, and most of all a strong body core.

Core Stabilization

A strong core body is essential to athletes in every sport. Strength, power, speed, quickness, agility, coordination and balance (stability) all come from the core of the body. Strength begins in the core of the body and extends outward through the arms and legs, thus connecting all movements of the upper and lower body. The stronger the core of the body the more powerful and explosive movements can be. In addition, a strong core also prevents and controls unnecessary body movements, makes all movement more efficient and conserves energy.

Advanced Balance Techniques

Inline figure skating requires good balance. Every element of inline figure skating requires strong balance.


An inline figure skating program includes many movements that require the skater to extend and stretch.

"A number of studies report that acute and prolonged stretching may actually reduce human performance through decreases in force and power." Stretching impairs balance and worsens reaction and movement times, according to the results of a controlled study published in the August issue of Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise. This could be problematic for elite athletes as well as for the elderly.

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