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What Are the 2019 World Roller Games

The World Roller Games 2019 will be the biggest sporting event hosted by Barcelona since the 1992 Olympic Games, 27 years ago. From July 4 to 14 (and from June 29 in the junior category), this 11 discipline Roller and Skateboarding World Championships will be held in Barcelona. Roller sports included are Alpine, Artistic, Roller Freestyle, Downhill, Inline Freestyle, Inline Hockey, Rink Hockey, Roller Derby, Scooter, Speed and Skateboarding.

The World Skate Organizing Committee (the Barcelona City Council, Royal Spanish Roller Sports Federation, Catalan Roller Sports Federation, Government of Catalonia, Spanish National Sports Council and Barcelona Provincial Council) developed this event.

The World Roller Games demonstrates the magnitude of roller sports with:

• 11 disciplines

• 11 competition days (16 in junior category) • 128 events/competitions • 5 cities (Barcelona, Vilanova i la Geltrú, Mollet del Vallès, Sant Cugat del Vallès and Terrassa) • 13 sports venues and facilities • 81 participating countries • 4,120 athletes 2,217 men and 1,903 women 3,067 senior and 1,053 junior • 5,439 accredited people by participating delegations • Most numerous delegations: Italy with 445 athletes, followed by Spain with 361 athletes • Smaller delegations: Belarus, Bulgaria, Cameroon, Dominican Republic, Lithuania and Serbia with 1 athlete • Discipline with most participants: Inline Hockey with 1,044 athletes, followed by Artistic with 964 athletes • 750 volunteers

* Figures as of 07/06/2019, although registrations have not yet closed for the Master Marathon and events not organized by World Skate in the discipline of Scooter (World Street Finals and Junior World Cup), Skateboarding (Barcelona European Open) and Roller Freestyle (Jam Session).

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