Prissy's "No More Ice" is a Winner

Prissy Boatto used social networking to help get the votes needed to win the 2018 Pic® Skate Urban Video Competition. She will use her prize money to help fund her skating coach exams!

She was one of many participants in the 6th Annual Urban Pic® Skate Competition and we look forward to many more. Here are all the results of the contest:

**NOTE: THE JUDGES LOVED ALL THE VIDEOS!! FANTASTIC ENTRIES!! 1. Priscillia Arguimbau (19 Points) 2. Megan Nordle (18 Points) 3. Matej Silecky (13 Points) 4. Virginia Ice Theatre (10 Points) ($750.00 for 1st place, $300.00 for 2nd Place, $200.00 for 3rd Place & $75.00 for 4th place

SPECIAL AWARDS – Young PicSkater Awards: 1st Place TIE: Jana Stanisavlijevic (10 points) 1st Place TIE: Kristine Weyerhauser (10 points) 3rd Place: Annalisa Salvi (7 points) ($150.00 for 1st place, $50.00 3rd Place)

Pic® Skate sponsors this event every season. Follow Pic® Skate on Facebook to get information for their next event.

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