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Another Inline Figure Skater Joins Team USA

The USA Roller Sports 2016 Nationals in Lincoln, Nebraska was another great one for experienced inline champions Colin Motley (2016 Junior Men's Inline Champion) and his sister Natalie Motley (2016 Senior Ladies' Inline Champion). They both also qualified as World participants in their respective quad events.

The topping on the cake was a Gold Medal National placement by Kaylee Brogan in Junior Ladies' Inline Singles. This placement qualified her for her first spot on Team USA with the Motleys. Kaylee made a comeback from a concussion and skated a solid long program on a sprained ankle after getting injured in a fall during the short program. Now Kaylee is working hard to get to Navarro, Italy for the World Championship.

Please wish her luck and help her with a small GoFundMe donation to offset the costs of travel, costumes and coaching for this event.

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