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2016 USARS Slalom Nationals

Yes, there is now a USA Roller Sports Slalom Nationals and the slalom skaters will join hundreds of speed, hockey, figure and derby skaters at the expansive Speedway Sporting Village for the first fully combined USARS Nationals that includes all USA roller sports. The Slalom event will include Slides, Jump and Workshops as well as Battle Freestyle Slalom, Classic Freestyle Slalom and Speed Slalom. All of the freestyle events are open to everyone, regardless of USA or World Ranking, and regardless of your nationality and country of residence.

The sport of slalom combines many skating styles, and the World Slalom Skaters Association [WSSA] was formed in 2003. Today, slalom is an internationally recognized skating discipline with thousands of active competitors from more than 30 countries competing in events sanctioned by the WSSA. USARS is the official partner of WSSA in the USA and together with WSSA, works to promote freestyle skating as a lifestyle sport to all skaters regardless of age, gender and discipline. It also aims is to provide a set of clear guidelines which skaters can adopt to judge their skills and progress in the sport.

Keep up with the news on slalom in the United States by visiting the USA Roller Sport SlalomSkating Facebook page or go to the main USA Roller Sports site.

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