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Inline Sk8rs R Nice - Pandemic Sk8 Mission

Inline and roller skating sports reached their peak about two decades ago. But now many are jumping into inline and quad roller skate as an easy socially distant activity. or as a cross training activity for ice figure and other skating sports. On the other hand, this is how Serial Wheeler is handling the pandemic:

"Most of us have spent more than a month indoors and this week after seeing how many people are afraid to go out to get some basic supplies, I decide I'd lend my wheels to help some people and also stretch my legs in the process. This is one of the runs. Enjoy and be safe!

Let's talk skates! Find me on: Facebook page: Instagram: @serialwheeler

If you do go out to help people, please make sure you protect yourself and more importantly, take off the mask/glasses/gloves and disinfect properly before hugging your loved ones."

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