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2016 CAMP Skate IA

The Skate Instructors Association have announced the 2016 dates for CAMP Skate IA – August 19, 20 & 21st in Pittsfield Massachusetts. This camp will take place on a property with an indoor and outdoor hockey rink, four bball courts and two tennis courts for skating activities. Last year, in Richmond BC they had 50 skaters join us for 18 hours of classes which included Skate Park, hockey, artistic, race, slalom, artistic, jam/dance, games and basic skills in beginner, intermediate and advanced. Camp Skate IA started with a huge street skate in Vancover and all skaters dance night. They offered classes in falling using Martial Arts skills, off skates in the grass and started and ended each day with Feldenkrais classes. Skate IA certified 18 skaters in Level 1, 2 & Skate Park including launching the very first Skate IA Skate Park Certification. Everyone had a ball. Watch for CAMP SkateIA 2016 registration information on the Skate IA Facebook page.

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