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Snow White® Inlines go to the USA Roller Sports National Championships and more

All USA Roller sports medalists in the Inline Creative Dance event at the 2015 National Championship wore Snow White inlines and 3 of 4 World Class inline skaters wore them. But where did these skates come from?

In November of 2002, after the first World Inline Figure Skating Championships in Germany, the coach of Chien-Hao Wang visited Arthur Lee in Taiwan to discuss damage to Wang's inline skates and request the development of a better inline figure skating frame. By 2003, the prototype for Arthur Lee's Snow White® Inline was complete and Snow White® sponsored two Taiwanese skaters, Chia-Hsiang Yang and Chia-Ling Hsin, at the 2004 World inline Championships in Fresno, California. Kadu, coach of Gustavo Casado Melo and Adrian Baturin, and Ms. Yasaman Hejazi, coach of the Iran Inline Figure Skating Federation, were among the first coaches to use Snow White® frames.

Snow White® has since become the most widely used artistic inline frames in the roller skatingFederation Internationale de Roller Sports (FIRS) world championships. Since 2006, nearly half of the athletes have been using Snow White® to compete at the worlds championships and Snow White® has successfully helped them to win medals.

The Snow White® frame design has undergone minor but continuous improvements over the years and in the Spring of 2009, the frame design was upgraded. Recently the new SpeedMax® higher quality wheels particularly suitable for artistic skating on a variety of surfaces have been developed and put into production. At this time, Snow White® has three wheel options for a variety of skating needs. Other specialized wheels and accessories are regularly explored to address many specific skating needs.

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