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Meet the Capital Area Inline Figure SC

The Capital Area Inline Figure Skating Club (CAIFSC) was formed in 2010 to become the first inline figure skating club of its kind. Thanks to the enthusiasm of its original members, including Ladeene Freimuth (our first president) and Ginny Carroll (the treasurer), the club grew into an inviting community. Current Board Members include:

  • Natalie Zelkin, President

  • Nick Perna, Vice President

  • Aleem, Treasurer & Acting Secretary

  • John Petell, WIFSA Liaison

As a member of the World Inline Figure Skating Association (WIFSA), CAIFSC has represented the United States in four World Open Championships over the past few years.

CAIFSC members train under the direction of Coach Nick Perna, a co-inventor of the Pic® Skates and a PSA Master-rated National and World level coach. The mission is to have fun This team ia always lookin for passionate new skaters. Contact them at to join the club, participate in practice sessions or exhibition events or ask questions you may have about inline figure skating. Feel free to visit their Facebook page to keep up with current club events.

Image Courtesy of CAIFSC

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